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A vaporizer is a device used to extract the active ingredients from your tobacco or smoking blends. Vaporizors are by far the healthiest way to "smoke." Burning tobacco (or anything) produces irritating, toxic, and carcinogenic by-products that we then inhale. A vaporizer instead heats the tobacco in a partial vacuum so that the active compounds boil off into a vapor. No combustion occurs, so no smoke or taste of smoke is evident. The vapor ideally contains virtually zero particulate matter or tar, and has significantly lower concentrations of noxious gases such as carbon monoxide. The vapor is then inhaled directly for highest activity. With little to no smoke produced, cooler temperatures, and less material required to achieve a given level of effect, the irritating/harmful effects of smoking are greatly reduced or eliminated entirely. Additionally, there is no second hand smoke created by using a vaporizer!

My Tobacconist only carries quality vaporizers from nationally recognized manufacturers of quality products including Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Arizer, DaVinci, Magic-Flight, Herbalizer, 7th Floor, Da Buddha Vaporizer, Firefly, Easy Vape and Pax Labs.

Why Vaporize?

Burning homeopathic herbs through the process of combustion is an ancient practice. However, releasing the active ingredients of homeopathic herbs does not have to occur with combustion.

Vaporizing has the same effect as smoking, but does so without any burning. Vaporizing eliminates combustion by-products as well as unwanted odors.

By-products resulting from combustion include tar, ash, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other carcinogens. Inhaling smoke exposes your lungs and throat to high amounts of heat. This is damaging regardless of what you may be smoking.

Combustion is also known to decrease and destroy a large percentage of the active ingredients contained in homeopathic herbs. Some studies have shown that 25-50% of the active ingredients contained in tobacco are destroyed by the act of combustion itself! So not only does smoking create many unhealthy and unwanted side effects, but a large percentage of the active ingredients are lost in the process. Additionally, smoking blocks taste and destroys many of the natural flavors of your tobacco and smoking blends.

Vaporizing warms your tobacco or smoking blend to a temperature below the level of combustion. Since vaporizing does not use a flame or fire to ignite the material, none of the active ingredients are lost in the process. More natural taste and flavor and none of the harmful effects of smoking!!

Pure vapor contains little to no tar and is much cooler to inhale into your lungs than smoke. Pure vapor has practically no carcinogenic elements making it a healthier alternative to smoking!

The vapor itself is slightly visible when exhaled and does not create a smell like smoking does. There are usually no odors at all in pure vapor.

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